Big Pop Fun with Tom Wilson

Bill Fagerbakke is an actor known for playing Dauber on the sitcom "Coach," Patrick Starfish on "SpongeBob," and as a defensive lineman for the University of Idaho. Go Vandals! Yeah, that's really their mascot. Enjoy!

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Heath Hyche is a unique standup comedian and actor, bringing full sets, props, and theatre pieces to stages around the world. We talk about the Auburn University Theatre program, and creating a bubble bath onstage. Enjoy!

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Al Yankovic is: a) a successful and historic satirist and musician, and b) not "weird." We talk about the aural beauty of the accordion and tuba, and Al's war hero dad. Enjoy!

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Writer and comedian Fred Stoller has written an ebook about his experience writing for Seinfeld. We talk about standup, his "Seinfeld Year," Mrs. Stoller, and Lillian. Enjoy!

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Tom and Mark end their conversation with stories of directors Sam Fuller, George Lucas, and a furtive glance at the eight hundred pound gorilla sitting between them. Enjoy!

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We continue our conversation with legendary actor and raconteur Mark Hamill, talking about The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Lee Marvin. Enjoy!

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Join Tom as he takes another solo turn with stories about forest creature auditions, shore bird insights, and a song about a long lost friend. Enjoy!

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Mark Hamill is an actor of experience and renown, and we talk about his dog Ralph, being a theatre misfit while growing up in Japan, and talk radio. Enjoy!

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Jake Johannsen is a comedian boasting more Letterman appearances than you. Yeah, even if you've been on with Dave lots of times, he's done it more. Way more. Jake is fun, interesting, and well worth your time. Enjoy!

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Stephen Hillenburg is the creator of SpongeBob Squarepants, an animator of classics for all time. He is from Anaheim, California, and knows a lot about the ocean, both the one with pineapple houses, and the real one with fish and tide pools and stuff. Enjoy!

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